Creative Talent Management

We work with creative people. We nurture, promote and protect each creative talent through our in house team of agents and network of lawyers, publicists, advisors and publishers.
We care about the talent we represent. We know our talent well. We work with our talent to identify their goals and the path to achieving them. We help out talent select creative opportunities in order to reach their objectives, negotiating and managing arrangements on their behalf.

Creative Project Management


We work with organisations to understand their challenges, needs and brands and offer a variety creative solutions. The tougher the problem, the tighter the deadline, the more complex the idea, the better for us. We love a challenge.  There is always a creative solution, and the solution comes in all shapes and forms.

Creative Commissioning


We offer a creative commissioning service. We write a creative brief to reflect our clients’ requirements and then shortlist and interview talent for the project. We manage creative projects through from brief to sourcing and managing the talent through to delivery to client.

Live Art-Making Performances


We managed  live art-making, performances, exhibitions, residencies and films to engage audiences and achieve clients’ objectives. We provide talent to speak at events, leaving a lasting inspirational message to audiences.

Creative Workshops and Mentoring


Clients recognise the value of creativity and talent within their organisations. We run creative workshops and mentoring programmes to keep key personnel engaged and inspired.
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