We have the privilege of working with great creative talent. Over many years, we have built a vast network of creative people that we bring onto projects.

We work most closely with two exceptional people:

Zoom Rockman
Zoom Rockman
Film-maker, puppet maker and animator, political cartoonist, speaker.

Zoom Rockman is a gifted and accomplished film-maker cartoonist, puppet animator, and illustrator.

Projects Produced

  • JW3 Zoom Rockman – Jewish Hall of Fame
  • Young V&A Social Media Animation
  • Seven Arches Publishing Michael Rosen – The Boris Letters
  • Westminster City Council Black and Blue Film – The Story of Paul Canoville
  • Hodder and Stoughton Iain Dale’s – The Presidents and The Prime Ministers
  • 2 Simple Publishing Jonny Zucker Book Illustrations
  • Lemon Soul Film direction and design
  • The Hall School Art Immersion Day

Zoom is available for

  • Illustrations for books
  • Animation for television, film, music, video, social media
  • Editorial Cartoons
  • Puppet commissions
  • Public speaking
  • Live art Performances
  • Creativity workshops and events
  • Commissioned portraiture
David Downes
David Downes
Painter and Illustrator, Autism Advocate

Projects Produced

  • US National Institute of Mental Health, Office of Autism Research panel speaking on autism advocacy
  • ITV outdoor mural live art performance
  • Your Magazine, the Magazine of the National Autistic Society feature article on autism advocacy
  • Clyde and Co LLP art mural commission
  • Chelsea Football Club Foundation live art performance
  • Britten Pears Arts artist in residence
  • Rose Builders live art performance
  • Training2Care public speaking on autism advocacy
  • Ambitious About Autism live art performance

David Downes is available for

  • Live Art Performance
  • Exhibitions
  • Commissioned Artworks
  • Autism-focused Public Speaking