Sally Vaughan
Sally Vaughan MInstLM
Agent and Qualified Coach

Expertise: marketing, creative talent management, working with neurodiversity

“As someone who values personal development and curiosity, I’m always looking for ways to grow and learn. I believe in building trusted relationships and using frameworks to find solutions that work for everyone. I also appreciate diversity and hidden differences, as they bring unique perspectives every situation. A clear vision is crucial to success and I am committed to seeing things through with a focus on individual strengths. As an individual or part of a team, my approach to delivering results is to use a combination of coaching, visual and management capabilities and my own experiences.”

Sally has a wide range of special interest areas that she is passionate about. These include giftedness, hidden differences such as ADHD, ASD and dyslexia, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship. As a coach, she draws on her training, career and lived experiences to help individuals and organisations make positive changes.

As a talent manager, delivering projects, she uses her strengths in negotiation, marketing, leadership and relationships to ensure projects are delivered professionally with the desired outcomes.

Sally began her career in the broadcast media industry in the early 90s and worked her way up to senior regional marketing roles at CNN and ESPN. In 2008 she established the first online platform for figurative artists, which attracted over 1,000 artists, and became the art consultant to the Savoy hotel.

Sally is a qualified coach and Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management. She holds an ILM Level 5 Effective Coaching and Mentoring Certificate. She is a Member in the Association for Coaching, holds a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Diploma, and a Core Coaching Skills Certificate.

She has a Business Degree and a Foundation in Fine Art.

Paul Jayson
Paul Jayson MInstLM FIA
Executive Coach

Expertise: management consulting, complex problem-solving, high-performance teams

“Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to lead and coach high-performance teams, helping them to formulate and achieve strategic objectives and solve problems. My experience as a management consultant has given me valuable insights into effective communication to achieve the best outcomes. I have also developed a range of soft skills that allow me to bring a creative approach to problem-solving, while fostering productive relationships with team members and clients alike. I am deeply committed to diversity of thinking and enjoy working with teams to help bring new and creative ideas to the table. Whether coaching clients, client teams, or senior executives, I strive to be a constructive challenge and trusted confident to all those I work with.”

Paul has enjoyed a varied career including advising clients on highly technical issues, engaging in complex negotiations, managing important and valuable relationships and business development. He is used to asking hard questions and breaking down problems into manageable chunks. He also helps people recognise their pre-conceived ideas and supports them to challenge the status quo. He believes that making changes should be exciting and achievable.

Paul has a professional qualification, is a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and is a trained negotiator.